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Celebrate the power of movement and ingenuity from a collection of diverse dancemakers creating profound and meaningful contributions to the world of contemporary ballet and dance. DEBUTS returns as a weekend of premieres from TRBP Resident Artists and acclaimed Guest Choreographers.


DEBUTS, 2023, presents four distinct choreographic voices, each uniquely different yet connected in their uninhibited approach:

Premiere by Resident Artist, Katie Spagnoletti, who has created four new works for the company since becoming a Resident Artist with TRBP in 2019. 

Jeremy Zapanta, will also premiere a new work, a Resident Artist since 2020 with three previous TRBP commissions and one co-created work for La Jolla Playhouse's 2022 WOW Festival. Zapanta's 2021 creation, Personal Perspectives, has also been selected to be presented as a part of Dance St. Louis' 2023 Emerson SPRING to Dance Festival. 

Company premiere of Sur Le Fil by Guest Choreographer, Penny Saunders,

Saunders won the International Commissioning Project in 2011, which launched her choreographic career, creating pieces for Hubbard Street, Cincinnati Ballet, Whim W’Him, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Oklahoma City Ballet, BalletX, Sacramento Ballet, The Royal New Zealand Ballet, Tulsa Ballet, Diablo Ballet, Dayton Ballet, Eugene Ballet, ArtEmotion/Ballet West and Seattle Dance Collective among others. Saunders is honored to be the Resident Choreographer at The Grand Rapids Ballet, to have received support from The New York City Ballet Choreographic Commissions Initiative, to have participated in The Guggenheim Works & Process, and The National Choreographers Initiative, and to be the recipient of the 2016 Princess Grace Choreographic Fellowship.

A World Premiere by Guest Choreographer Mike Tyusaward winning dancer, choreographer, and creative director from Los Angeles. He has been performing and creating dance for the stage, print, and screen for over 15 years. He has worked as a performer with Cirque Du Soleil and Joined Pilobolus Dance Theater in 2013 performing and also creating company repertory that is still performed today. Tyus was awarded a creative residency at Orsolina28 in Moncalvo, Italy and has been commissioned to create stage works for Visceral Dance Chicago, Chicago Repertory Ballet, Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, Manhatten Youth Ballet, Ziru Dance, University of Utah, and The Lines Ballet Training Program, among others. He is a founding member of Jacob Jonas The Company and an Associate Producer for Films.Dance

DEBUTS exemplifies TRBP’s dedication to elevate and enrich the arts in San Diego and beyond through the creation of exciting, fresh, and innovative opportunities to experience superlative live performance art for artists and audiences alike. DEBUTS will also be streamed virtually.

*All seating is first-come first-serve, please arrive early to claim your seats.

Doors open 30 minutes before the show begins.

August 24 - 26



Performance Times


August 24 - 8:00 pm

*Reception Following

August 25 - 8:00 pm

*Free Artist Talk-back Following

August 26 - 8:00 pm

*Reception Following

August 26 -

VIRTUAL STREAM @ 7 pm (pst)

Soap Factory Extraordinary Popup Theatre

  • What is Arts-Integration?
    Arts Integration combines visual and performing arts standards and common core subject matter to create programming that connects kids with the arts, all while reinforcing classroom knowledge in a fun and creative way! Programs like Ballet Machine are created with the help of teachers and education professionals, vetted by Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Departments for adherence to standards, and tailored to fit each classroom's trajectory over the school year. Our Ballet Machine program is a two-part series where classroom teachers can work with students in our pre-req video, then interact either in-person or via Zoom with a teaching artist AND professional dancers!
  • How much does Ballet Machine cost?
    For Ballet Machine, including our prerequisite video and our 1 hour in-person session, the total is $500. We recognize that this amount may feel large for some classrooms and student groups, so our staff is prepared to work with your Principal, Superintendent, or PTA to facilitate covering the cost of the program. Once we've identified that the program is the right fit, our staff will also work with you on Grants to cover costs for the future.
  • I'm a busy there added work for me?
    NOT AT ALL! Our staff has tremendous experience organizing and facilitating these kinds of programs. After contacting our Managing Director and establishing a time frame, we will be in charge of scheduling, working with your school leadership, and all the other ins and outs of managing the program. All you have to do is introduce us on "the day of the show!" **As some programs may be reliant on Grants for funding, our staff may be in contact with you about a program assessment or personal feedback.
  • What core standards are addressed in Ballet Machine?
    Ballet Machine is a K-5 program that covers the National and California Standards. VAPA Dance Standards: Creating - Anchor Standard 1 - Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work. Creating - Anchor Standard 2 - Organize and develop artistic ideas and work. Performing - Anchor Standard 5 - Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation. Performing - Anchor Standard 6 - Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work. ELD Standards: Analyzing language choices - Distinguish how two different frequently used words (e.g., describing an action with the verb walk vs. run) produce a different effect. Listening Actively - Demonstrate active listening to read-alouds and oral presentations by asking and answering yes-no and wh- questions with oral sentence frames and substantial prompting and support. **Corresponds with CCSS Spoken Language for K-3, and Reading Language for K-7.
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