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We are FLOCK, a co-choreography German/American dance company founded in 2017 by Florian Lochner and Alice Klock. As FLOCK we perform our own work and create new choreography with international collaborators for film and stage. Alongside this we choreograph for other dance companies, universities, and cultural institutions. We are known for our non-gendered partnering and unique approach to physicality and storytelling.

In all of our work we strive to bring artists and audiences together in environments that are open, dynamic, and based on joy.

Any artist who participates in FLOCK is invited to fully express and explore their craft in a balanced setting. This leads to a feeling of care in each creation process and gives our collaborators a platform to be themselves and explore their artistry in the most vibrant ways. 

This same energy extends to our relationship with our audience.


We offer work that communicates on many different levels, that uplifts and inspires, and that builds community and new understanding of what dance can be.


Photo by Malcom Wesley

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