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Volunteer With TRBP
Whether you’re new to volunteering or a seasoned veteran, you can be an essential part of making each production and event a success.

Volunteers get an even closer and personal behind-the-scenes look at the company while supporting our mission by helping the TRBP family run events, sell merchandise, distribute promotional materials, and more. The TRBP Volunteer Family is free to participate and available to anyone in our community! It’s easy to join – just sign up for our Volunteer Mailing List!

Interested in Ushering or volunteering at a performance?!

Contact to usher or volunteer for a TRBP performance.

Qualified students are selected to work directly with the company’s development, marketing, and administrative staff and artistic team, learning the ropes of running a professional dance company and gaining valuable experience towards their future careers.

Contact to earn more about becoming an intern with TRBP!

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