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privacy policy

The Rosin Box Project (referred to as TRBP throughout this privacy policy) respects your privacy and protects all information we collect about you.  This privacy policy describes TRBP’s information protection and information sharing practices.

Information TRBP Collects About You

When you use TRBP’s website services (such as the online ticket ordering service), we collect information about you so we may provide the requested service.  We collect the following types of information:

  • Your name

  • Your contact information, including your postal mailing address, your telephone number, and your electronic mail address

  • Your payment information (when purchasing tickets for a performance or event)

  • Your personal preferences

TRBP collects this information when you complete an online form.  TRBP collects only personal information provided by you and does not use any other online methods to collect personal information.

TRBP uses this information to:

  • Deliver the requested service to you, such as processing an online ticket order

  • Request your support for TRBP’s performance and dance education programs

  • Inform you of upcoming TRBP performances and events using postal mail and electronic mail messages

TRBP sends electronic mail messages on upcoming performances and events to people who add their electronic mail addresses to TRBP’s mailing list.  You may remove your email address from TRBP’s mailing list by clicking UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of any TRBP email, or emailing TRBP with such request here.

Information TRBP’s Web Server Collects About You

When you visit TRBP’s website, TRBP’s web server collects publicly-available technical information from your web browser.  This information, which includes the web browser application name (such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer) and version number, is not associated with your personal information.

TRBP aggregates this technical information to determine how frequently specific web pages are viewed and also analyzes this technical information to detect incompatibilities with TRBP’s website and specific web browser applications.


A cookie is an internet web browser term used to describe a small text file placed on your computer’s disk drive.  Cookies provide each website user with a unique, random identification number so we may accurately and efficiently provide services to each website user.

Viewing the Information TRBP Maintains About You

You may view the information TRBP collects and maintains about you.  To view your information, mail the following to TRBP:

  • Signed request for the information TRBP maintains about you

  • Your name

  • Your contact information, including your postal mailing address and your daytime telephone number

Send your request to:  2650 Truxtun Rd., Ste 201, San Diego, CA · 92106. The information you provide must match the name and contact information in TRBP’s records. As an additional security measure, TRBP will contact you by telephone to validate your request.  TRBP will then mail you a copy of the information TRBP maintains about you.

Updating TRBP’s Information About You

You may update your personal information (your name, contact information, electronic mail address and personal preferences) in one of three ways:​

  • Electronic Mail Message:  You may request specific changes to your personal information by sending an electronic mail message here.

  • Postal Mail:  You may request changes to your personal information by addressing a letter to:  2650 Truxtun Rd., Ste 201, San Diego, CA · 92106.

Before updating your personal information, TRBP will contact you to validate the requested changes.

Information TRBP May Share About You

TRBP will not rent or sell your personal information.

TRBP will only share information about you with other companies or organizations for only one reason:

  • Complete Financial Transaction: To maintain credit card security and to prevent credit card fraud, TRBP’s financial institution may require information about you to authorize a charge to your credit card account. This information includes your name and your billing (mailing) address.

Changes to TRBP’s Privacy Policy

The TRBP Privacy Policy is maintained on the TRBP website,  The policy is available by clicking the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of any page.

Questions or Comments on TRBP’s Privacy Policy

If you have questions or comments on TRBP’s Privacy Policy, you may contact us by electronic mail, telephone, or postal mail:

  • Electronic Mail:  Send an e-mail message to TRBP's staff here

  • Telephone:  Contact TRBP at 619.259.0184.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Pacific time.

  • Postal Mail:  Send a letter to: 2650 Truxtun Rd., Ste 201, San Diego, CA · 92106

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