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June 2 - 5

@ Bread & Salt

1955 Julian Ave,

San Diego, CA 92113


Ghost Light Masquerade
LIVE and 360-degree Virtually Streamed immersive performances

The Rosin Box Project's hauntingly popular immersive performance! Stir up the wicked and get lost among the eerie stages and dark corners as the dances of the damned are unearthed before you by the Spirits of the Ghost Light Masquerade


The Rosin Box Project presents our annual and hauntingly delightful Ghost Light Masquerade

Performance Times

LIVE  *Tickets on Sale May 2nd

*Arrive early & stay late to enjoy

our hosted bar following each performance


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About the Program - LIVE

Inspired by the evocatively superstitious world of theater, Ghost Light Masquerade is a soul-stirring experience not to be missed.

Stir up the wicked and get lost among the eerie stages and dark corners as the dances of the damned are unearthed before you by the Spirits of the Ghost Light Masquerade. It's no secret the theater world is riddled with superstitions, but will you be able to figure them out before the Ghost Light goes out?


In an imaginative and immersive contemporary ballet performance presented by the renowned artists of The Rosin Box Project, Ghost Light Masquerade sets a traveling stage to create an engaging journey into the world of theater superstitions. Using chilling riddles about the lore that gives the theater world its magic and mysticism, and a series of vignette dances to drive the experience as a narrative, we move along through this haunting world that both Spirits and the Living call home. Inspired by the Ghost Light, a singular bulb that is to always be lit on an empty stage to ward off the mischievous ghosts that haunt all theaters alike, we explore some of the many theatrical rituals that performing artists remain tethered to, even in the afterlife. 


Guests enter this immersive performance only by way of a secret password, and once inside are given their own GLM Participant Mask to wear during the show. Worlds collide, and lines are blurred as Guests and Spirits occupy a new haunt at Bread & Salt gallery. Stay wrapped up in the magic, or choose to step out and enjoy a drink from the bar at any time.


* Ghost Light Masquerade is an immersive performance, where the audience shares the same space as the performers, there are no seats in the performance space. Walk, explore, or even dance the night away!

*Bread & Salt is an indoor and outdoor venue.

Please see our Covid-19/Vaccination Policies HERE

Bread & Salt

Bread & Salt is a once 45,000 square-foot bread factory turned gallery and experimental center for the arts with strong community ties. Located 15 miles north of the U.S./Mexico border in San Diego, CA, Bread & Salt hosts original works by local and international artists, eclectic events, and a curated assemblage of artisans, educational entities, and non-profit tenants - alongside a robust residency program and publishing house. It is comprised of multiple gallery, studio, and event spaces, and serves as a cultural hub and gathering place for the region’s creative community. 


About the Program - VIRTUAL

Those enjoying the Virtual Ghost Light Masquerade, can sit back and enjoy the ride as they are taken through a masked madhouse of ballet and superstitions without leaving the comforts of the living room! Just like real life, the virtual experience traverses through TRBP’s new haunted warehouse, filmed using a 360-degree camera, and allows guests to move their own viewing device (recommended best for watching on a smartphone) in any direction to create a unique adventure experiencing the scenery and the dancing all around them. The performance is full of fun easter eggs and mischievous details that the viewer can explore all on their own as they watch the show. 

Virtual attendees also have the option of adding a
Ghost Light Gift Box to their order, including a VR headset, at-home cocktail kit, and more ghoulish goodies!

June 24th - July 1st only in The Virtual Box


Ghost Light Gift Box VR Headset and Cocktail Kit


GLM Participant Mask

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