Ghost Light Masquerade
LIVE AND Virtual 360-degree immersive performances!

Theaters across the world have lain dark for almost a year, with lifeless houses and deafening silence, all the while the spirits that claim residence there have been waiting, eagerly, for your return... Stir up the wicked and get lost among the eerie stages and dark corners as the dances of the damned are unearthed before you by the Residents of the Ghost Light Masquerade. It's no secret the theater world is riddled with superstitions, but will you be able to figure them out before the Ghost Light goes out? 


The Rosin Box Project has yet again reimagined our hauntingly delightful Ghost Light Masquerade,

 LIVE  July 9 &10, 2021,

VIRTUAL July 23 - 30, 2021! 


Inspired by the evocatively superstitious world of theater, Ghost Light Masquerade takes the performance experience to a new, soul-stirring, level. 

In-person guests enter only by way of a secret password, and once inside, can follow the dancers through a series of vignettes inspired by the lore that give the stage its mystical quality.

It is no secret that the theater world is riddled with superstitions, and it is exactly these superstitions that Ghost Light Masquerade immerses audiences in. Some may be familiar, others not, but it is up to the guests to figure out the haunted legacies that plague the performers and theaters before the night draws to a chilling end. After admission, guests are given their own bespoken Ghost Light Masquerade mask to wear during the performance, and it is theirs to keep (some might even contain clues and secrets!) before they embark on an individual journey through a series of short ballets set in two rounds of performances. Guests may stay inside the performance for as long as they wish, or choose to step out and enjoy a drink from the bar, hosted by Swift and Stiff, at any time.

Worlds collide, and lines are blurred as Guests and Residents occupy the same space. Ghost Light Masquerade opens the door to a realm where the physical blurs into the metaphysical, conjuring an unforgettable midsummer evening at the ballet unlike any other. 

Ghost Light Masquerade is a Promenade Performance, where the audience occupies the same space as the performers , there are no seats in the performance space, standing only

LIMITED In-Person Tickets (Includes a hosted bar by Swift and Stiff!)

July 9th, & 10th, 2021 @ 8 PM PST



2821, Dewey Rd., San Diego, CA, 92106

(Plaza 17, in Liberty Station)

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Those enjoying the Virtual Ghost Light Masquerade, can sit back and enjoy the ride as they are taken through a masked madhouse of ballet and superstitions without leaving the comforts of the living room! Just like real life, the virtual experience traverses through TRBP’s new haunt at Liberty Station, filmed using a 360-degree camera, and allows guests to move their own viewing device (recommended best for watching on a smartphone) in any direction to create a unique adventure experiencing the scenery and the dancing all around them. The performance is full of fun easter eggs and mischievous details that the viewer can explore all on their own as they watch the show. 

Virtual attendees also have the option of adding a
Ghost Light Gift Box to their order, including a VR headset, at-home cocktail kit, and more ghoulish goodies!

Ghost Light Gift Box VR Headset and Cocktail Kit

July 23rd - 30th only in The Virtual Box


GLM Participant Mask


All guests are required to wear one of our special GLM Participant Masks (pictured above) while inside the performance space. Your mask will be provided upon arrival, and may only be removed when not in the performance space (i.e. in the bar area, entrance plaza, and before and after the performance). These masks are part of the performance experience, and yours to keep following your stay. Choose your mask carefully, some might have secrets inside of them...

Ghost Light Masquerade is an outdoor promenade performance that runs for a total of an hour and a half, with one intermission. Doors open at 8 pm and the promenade performance begins promptly at 8:30 pm.

In-person guests enter only by way of a secret password, and once inside, can follow the dancers through a series of vignettes inspired by the lore that give the stage its mystical quality. Guests may stay inside the performance for as long as they wish, or choose to step out and enjoy a drink from the bar at any time. Following the culminating moment of the performance guests are welcome to stay on and enjoy the hosted bar by Swift and Stiff until 11 pm, when doors close and you'll be doomed to spend the dark night with the spirits who might not be so eager to entertain guests. 

Any guest attending Ghost Light Masquerade under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied at all times by a ticketed parent or legal guardian.


Anyone who feels ill, or is experiencing any COVID symptoms, or has come in contact with someone with COVID is asked to kindly refrain from attending. If you are feeling ill, or may have been exposed to COVID and already purchased tickets, please contact info@therosinboxproject.com and we will exchange your In-Person ticket for a Virtual Ticket, including a VR headset, cocktail kit, and goodie bag, free of charge.

Any inquiries regarding safety procedures, or other general inquiries may be directed to info@therosinboxproject.com



- Keep your mask on at all times while inside the performance 

- Refrain from talking while inside the performance

- No touching the performers

- Explore, and enjoy, before the Ghost Light goes out!


Performance made possible in part by:


FAQs About Ghost Light Masquerade

Do I need to bring my own mask?

No, every guest attending an in-person show will be provided a GLM Participant Mask

How old must you be to attend?

Any guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or quardian at all times

How long is the show?

The performance is broken up into two roughly 30 - minute sections - The Superstition and The Haunt, with an intermission in between. The entire performance lasts about one and a half hours.

Is there seating/can I reserve a seat?

There is no formal seating for this in-person performance. The idea of a promenade performance is that you, the audience, is free to move about and explore the entire performance space, quite literally stepping inside the show itself. We advise you to wear comfortable shoes you can move around in! There will be some seating available by the bar.

What should I do about parking?

There is ample free parking all throughout Liberty Station, both parking lots and street parking.

What if I can't make the performances on July 9th and 10th?

No problem! We are also offering tickets to our Virtual streaming of Ghost Light Masquerade, viewable anywhere you can access the internet! Virtual Ghost Light Masquerade will stream July 23rd - July 30th in The Virtual Box