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Education and Outreach

TRBP provides a variety of integrated dance education and outreach programs that build paths to dance education for people of all ages, experiences, and spectrum of abilities, embodying the philosophy that DANCE IS FOR EVERYONE. 


We believe in art’s ability to transform and transcend the everyday, and that everyone deserves the solace, inspiration, and community that art can bring. Using dance as an ambassador, TRBP is dedicated to fostering healthy and growing communities through inclusive, accessible, innovative, and inspiring programs. We believe that by providing arts opportunities to all people, breaking through social, economic or physical barriers, the entire community is enriched. 

Our education programs utilize standards based curricula, and teach literacy in a variety of academic focuses in addition to literacy in dance. This allows us to ensure that participants are engaging in developmentally appropriate movements based on goals set at state and national levels. All of this is done through a creative dance-centric approach which provides structure for students to engage in critical thinking, problem solving, collaborative work and self expression through movement.

The Ballet Machine

“The Rosin Box Project was a WONDERFUL experience!! The content is engaging and exciting for the students, and perfectly integrates into our STEAM curriculum. The instructors are knowledgeable, professional, patient, and have amazing teaching skills. We can't wait for next year's class!!”
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