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Open Rehearsal Series

Ever wondered what the process of building dances looks like? Curious to experience a day in the life of a professional dancer? Join TRBP for our Open Rehearsal Series, where we invite students to observe the creation process and watch as professional choreographers build dances with the artists of The Rosin Box Project. 

Classrooms will watch either in person OR online, then participate in a group talk-back with the choreographers and dancers! Students can engage with our international roster of dancemakers. Join the TRBP family for this on-of-a-kind dive into the minds of some of the most celebrated creative talent in the dance world. 

*Rehearsal Series will only take place virtually through  January 2021 to ensure the health and safety of all students. Participating classrooms will  receive a zoom link and a worksheet with information on the artists two weeks before joining the Open Rehearsal.

TRBP open rehearsal with Donnie Duncan Jr. or Netherlands Dance Theater

Pictured: SDSCPA students with Donnie Duncan Jr. of Netherlands Dance Theater

DANCE  IS FILLED WITH ACTIONS! Learn about ballet and analyze language choices in TRBP's flagship arts integration program, THE BALLET MACHINE. This innovative approach to language learning combines physical activity with learning words and building sentences in a two-part workshop that facilitates digital AND in-person learning. Our K-5 program is available to San Diego and Orange County schools on-site, but completely virtual versions are accessible by partner schools across the United States! We relish the chance to work with your classroom to explore and enhance language lessons in a new way, all while empowering students to excel at something new in the presence of their peers.
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The Rosin Box Project strives to curate world class performances in an intimate and accessible manner to diverse and inclusive audiences. We understand, however, that despite our efforts, there are still many individuals who cannot attend our performances. We whole heartedly believe it is our duty to share this art form with the entire community, and therefore imperative that we bring the show to them.

As a part of our Out of The Box initiative, during our 2022 Season: Interplay, TRBP will offer free LIVE Outreach performances, on site for underserved communities and businesses.

We believe in art’s ability to transform, inspire, and transcend the everyday. We also believe that everyone deserves the solace, inspiration, and community that art can bring. Thank you for helping us serve our beloved community!

If you are an in the San Diego area and are interested in bringing a TRBP Outreach Performance to your workplace , please contact thom@therosinboxproject.com today!

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Train with Professional Dancemakers this Summer!
Coming soon to the TRBP stage: YOU! Our first-ever summer workshop will focus on giving dancers one-on-one coaching and feedback from The Rosin Box Project's company dancers AND expanding roster of guest choreographers.