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For our 2020/2021 Season: Variant, we are excited to introduce our Virtual Subscription to The Virtual Box! 

Streaming only on our immersive virtual platform, The Virtual Box, our new Virtual Subscriptions will launch on September 18, 2020, kicking off with our IN FOCUS Film Series for an entire year of digitally created and curated debuts! 

Nothing beats live performances, and we hope to be back on stage and in the theater with you again soon! Until then, your Virtual Subscription will connect you to TRBlike never before, and provide critical support for our dancers, choreographers, and filmmakers as they create new work that inspires and moves you. Enjoy debut dance films by filmmakers from around the world, BTS videos with our artists, short digital dance and photo workshops, exclusive discounts on live performances, and more! Keep the arts alive, from your home, AND on the go!

For more information, contact us at info@therosinboxproject.com. 

Annual subscription lasts until September 2021


Available to our Virtual Subscribers, AND Individual tickets on sale!

IN FOCUS Film Teasers

Previously Screened Films

Performance Notes: Episode 001


Premiered 4/17/20

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FAQs About Live Streams

Is a Live Stream different than your other videos?

August Series performances will be made available to you as a live stream: each performance is danced by the artists, filmed and streamed online in REAL TIME. This means that you can attend the performance LIVE at home, and watch the performance on a screen in your very own living room.

Can I watch the Live Stream whenever I want?

No, this is a LIVE performance, so make sure you 'arrive' on time so you don't miss it! Because the performance is streaming live, you cannot fast forward in the performance, you can however rewind and rewatch ealier footage if you arrived late. The performance stream will end one hour following the close of the show. Don't be late!

I bought a ticket, now what?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with an e-ticket which includes the access link to our virtual theatre, The Virtual Box, as well as your access password to get in. Please note that your password will only work on the performance day you purchased tickets to. If you would like to see another show please purchase tickets for that day!

How do I watch the Live Stream?

All you need is internet access, and the live stream can be played on any screen: on your PC, laptop, phone or iPad / tablet. For the best theater experience, we recommend using the largest screen possible, or connecting your laptop to a television screen!

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