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Reimagining the way artists and audiences connect with and experience dance.



  • Deliver innovative artistic experiences to the greater San Diego audience and beyond, through setting new standards for artistic excellence, innovation, and creativity

  • Present uniquely curated performance experiences that consider the human condition, 

  • Encourage artistic growth and exploration, fostering a nurturing environment where classical and contemporary professional dance artists can amplify their voices, 

  • Educate and develop dance artists as well as enthusiasts through visceral performance and interactive experiences in an approachable and accessible way

  • Include diverse community of voices and promote equity through dance to captivate a devoted, supportive, continually growing, and diverse audience


Founder and Artistic Director, Carly Topazio, created TRBP in May of 2018 to present an innovative, authentic, and artist-driven view of contemporary ballet in a way that allowed for a deeper human connection. In 2020, TRBP officially incorporated into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization based in San Diego, CA. The boutique contemporary ballet company continues to raise the bar and push the limits of how dance is experienced, blossoming the company into San Diego's premier Contemporary Ballet Company. 


A rosin box is unique to dancers. We have them in our rehearsal studios and backstage at the theater, used most often on pointe shoes to create more friction to prevent slipping. To Step Inside a rosin box is to step into our home and creatively charged world we call home.



"None of this is what Topazio and the Rosin Box Project thought they

would be doing, but there is no question that it is exactly what they

are meant to be doing"

 - Karla Peterson, San Diego Union Tribune

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