our story

The Rosin Box Project presents high-quality performances of world-class professional dancers in a genuinely unfiltered atmosphere through uniquely choreographed, and curated intimate performances. TRBP allows for humanity in the San Diego community, and beyond, to grow and connect, creating greater bonds, deeper understandings, and strengthening the fabric of society. 

Founder and Artistic Director, Carly Topazio, created The Rosin Box Project (TRBP) in May 2018. Topazio assembled a collective of dancers to present an original view on contemporary ballet. The small team quickly became a family and orchestrated every aspect of putting on a production and curating visual appeal - choreographing, fundraising, marketing, and directing.


The founding objective was to create a space for artistic growth and exploration by offering dancers and choreographers the opportunity to collaborate and develop their own artistic visions, inspiring creativity, and ingenuity of which they may not normally have the opportunity to. Immediately following the close of the first season, a second mission fell strongly into place: To serve the community through art and dance by expanding its reach and deepening the understanding of, and connection to, the art form through unique programs that invite audiences to STEP INSIDE, granting new entry to the transformative power of dance, offering new access to the art-form to see and feel the collective heartbeats that make up the pulse of a larger company.

The first two performance seasons were presented in intimate black box theaters around San Diego, to exclusively sold-out houses every performance.

  A rosin box is something most dancers only know about, we have them in the studios and backstage at the theater, used on pointe shoes to create more friction to prevent slipping. Stepping into a rosin box is like stepping into our home - our personal thoughts, ideas, and perceptions of our fellow dancers. At TRBP, every artist is united by the value of dance as an art-form and, above all, the power it has to impact dancers and audience members alike.

The Rosin Box Project artists invite audiences to step into our home and ask our community to help support a creative that will continue to grow and explore the culture of the dance world with new works and exceptional performances.