As humans, we are adept creatures genetically made up to experience a wide range of emotions. Dance is the one way in which we can translate, explain, discover, transcend, explore, and share those emotions with our community. TRBP allows for humanity in the San Diego community to grow and connect, creating greater bonds, deeper understandings, and strengthening the fabric of our society. We continue to share and communicate the art of dance as it is a necessary component to life, not just for us, but for everyone.

The Rosin Box Project’s mission is to present high-quality performances of world-class dancers in a genuinely unfiltered atmosphere; keeping the art and dance community thriving through uniquely choreographed, and curated intimate performances. We aim to help encourage artistic growth and exploration to broaden the dance community via a platform in which professional dancers can share their own unique voice in a way they may not normally have the opportunity to, and permit audiences to step inside the dance world to see and feel the collective heartbeat that makes up the pulse of a larger company.

Founder and Artistic Director, Carly Topazio created the Rosin Box Project (TRBP) in May 2018, urged ever forward by the unrelenting passion and necessity to connect this art form with new and varying audiences. She created a collective to present an original view on contemporary ballet, culminating in a series of sold-out performances. Staying true to the intimate nature of the company, the dancers orchestrated every aspect of putting on a production and curating visual appeal - choreographing, fundraising, marketing, and directing. Igniting and inspiring growth within the community - the idea was to give artists who spend their professional lives turning other people’s choreographic visions into reality the chance to make the art they want to make in a visceral way. The process was collaborative, the choreography was personal, the performances were intimate. 

The 2018 inaugural season was presented in the intimate black box theater, The Geoffrey Off-Broadway, to a sold-out house every performance. Three original contemporary ballets were featured by a total of six professional dancers that ultimately left a lasting impression and the community‘s desire for more. Topazio and the collective of dancers were committed to creating performances that would attract new audiences and foster a new connection between patrons and artists.


The second season of TRBP premiered performances in August 2019, featuring five original contemporary ballets and four performances by ten artists at the White Box Live Arts in Liberty Station, San Diego. The artists were met with record-high sponsorships, overwhelming support, and once again, exclusively sold-out performances. TRBP continues to grow and venture further outside of “the box” of the traditional contemporary dance performance experiences, aiming to create a more palpable and visceral performance experience not only for its patrons but for the artists as well.

  A rosin box is something most dancers only know about, we have them in the studios and backstage at the theater, used on pointe shoes to create more friction to prevent slipping. Stepping into a rosin box is like stepping into our home - our personal thoughts, ideas, and perceptions of our fellow dancers that might not ever be seen on stage as part of a larger company. We value, above all, dance as an art form, and the power it has to impact dancers and audience members alike. At TRBP, every artist is united by the singular and overwhelming drive to continue to create and share an art form that is so deeply rooted in each of us to ignite and inspire growth within our community and explore boundaries of new ideas and narratives.

The Rosin Box Project artists invite audiences to step into our home and ask our community to help support a creative that will continue to grow and explore the culture of the dance world with new works and exceptional performance.