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Midday at the Lake

Choreography by Resident Artist, Brian Heil

MUSIC by Jennifer Higdon

premiered at Tenth Avenue Arts Center, 2021 August Series


Midday at the Lake is a whimsically neo-classical ballet set to the first movement of Jennifer Higdon's Impressions, Bright Palette. Written as a "response to the artists of the Impressionist period", Higdon's first movement celebrates the "brilliance of the paintings of the era, where light and bright colors are the focus".

Featuring three vignettes aiming to bring those colors to life. Three sisters begin the piece, excitedly racing across the stage to the reach the imagined lakefront. Following the trio, two young lovers steal a passionate moment together. And finally, a parting of the ways, where two souls are reunited for a final reminiscence and a goodbye.

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