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Choreography by Bethany Green

MUSIC by Ennio Morricone

premiered August Series 2019

Frontier, by Bethany Green, is an experiment in the language of storytelling, an interplay between music, prose, and dance. First, the voice of the music comes through wildly and viscerally. With eyes closed, we can imagine a train pulsing forward into uncertain destiny, feel the shadow of violence and chaos, smell on the wind the promise of change to come. Then the voice of the dancers gives the narrative a different color, offering a more honest and human telling of the story. The voice of the prose is harder to find but is built into the structure of the piece in ten movements, each named with its own literary device to give the story a voice that reads like a novel. Green’s hope is that with these interwoven voices, these moments in time and snapshots of humanity that lead to the ‘Frontier’, perhaps the dancers and the audience respectively can see and hear and feel a bit of their own stories.

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