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Kicking off our 2023 Season: Impulse, is our all female choreographic program: Empower, championing female voices in and beyond our industry!

Three Word Premieres by TRBP Resident Choreographers Lauren FlowerBethany Green and Carly Topazio.

Bethany Green constantly blurs boundaries between dance and theatre in dramatically driven works that are embedded in the exploration of the human experience. As a choreographer, she creates atmospheric, cinematic works that offer performers a space to emphasize the exploration of real –life situations, emotions and encounters.

Flower first created on TRBP in 2021 as a Guest Choreographer premiering her work, Seen, for film and stage at the Tenth Avenue Arts Center as a part of our 2021 August Series. Since then, Flower became a Resident Artist with TRBP in 2022, and now will be presenting her second commission for the company as a part of our Empower performances. Flower describes her choreography as a 'need' to create and express intimate and often overlooked personal and emotional experiences. As a pioneer and advocate for exploring movement and interactions within choreography beyond the classically accepted gender binary, Flower's work is anything but conventional, and brimming with an ever needed refreshing take on human connection. 

Rounding out the program is a World Premiere from Artistic Director and Resident Artist, Carly Topazio. As a choreographer, creator, and director, Topazio can best be described as an abstract storyteller always in pursuit of a sincere and human expression. Her detailed and technically challenging choreographic language is informed by the world around her which allows her to draw inspiration from a myriad of sources including personal conversations and experiences.

TRBP thrives on expanding the definition of what dance is—who it’s made for and by—while presenting world-class dancers and choreography in an unfiltered and authentic space. Empower spotlights female choreographers that are evolving the art form with their own unique artistic voices. 

**Tickets on sale January  23


MARCH 23, 24, 25, & 27

2590 Truxtun Rd., #205

San Diego CA 92106


Directions to Liberty Station

The Monday, March 27, performance is a special immersive-style event featuring Bethany Green's New Work. This is the only performance where all three premieres will not be presented. 


Performance Times 

Tickets on sale January 23, 2023


Light Box Theater 

Liberty Station is a large commercial development that sprawls across the grounds of a former naval training center. It’s home to stylish bars, restaurants, and boutiques, as well as Liberty Public Market, filled with gourmet eateries and shops, and ARTS DISTRICT. San Diego Dance Theater’s Light Box Theater is a theater installment in Building 176 in the ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station at the former Naval Training Center in Point Loma. Similar to traditional black box theaters, the Light Box has been transformed into a fully equipped, exceptionally vibrant, all-white performance space.

march 23, 7:30pm tickets
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