August 27, 28, 29, 30

The Virtual Box

August Series Streaming Live

Virtual Program:

Welcome from Ted McCombs, TRBPs Board Chair


Choreography by Bethany Green & Carly Topazio

Music by Tom Lehrer, George Gershwin

Sum friends, sum equations, sum rhythms, sum-thing else.

Sum Things is a collaborative ballet from Bethany Green and Carly Topazio. A breezy trot through the fundamentals, set to the satiric and whimsical lectures by Tom Lehrer and the delightfully complex compositions of George Gershwin and Leslie Bridges.


Choreography by Brian Heil (choreographic debut)

Music by Philip Glass

Reunion is about a group of friends who have been apart for an extended period of time but are finally getting a chance to see one another.  The music, composed by Philip Glass, is a tug of war between two rhythms. What begins as a lone dancer on stage, eagerly anticipating the arrival of friends, builds into a joyous chorus of long-overdue celebration in "Reunion".


Choreography by Katie Spagnoletti

Music by Erik Satie (Transcription by Darius Milhaud)

Corporeal is inspired by the five senses and the mechanics the human body uses to process the world in which we live. Performed in sneakers, jazzy movement utilizing the dancers’ balletic lines and the contemporary edge is used to visualize each individual sense. While the movement pays homage to the sixties and the music originates from the twenties, the piece is still very much a product of today; it plays with depth perception in lieu of traditional partnering to maintain social distancing and interprets ‘touch’ as the sense left behind in this contact-free climate. The music, a pulsing Dadaist film score, drives the piece to a conclusion that celebrates the world inside and out.


Choreography by Donnie Duncan Jr.*

MUSIC by  Niels Duursma

CELLO by  Gemma Meulendijks

Choreographed via Zoom from over 5000 miles apart. Donnie Duncan Jr., of Netherlands Dance Theater, choreographed this captivating and experimental solo completely virtually. An exploration of movement, quality, and texture, we are beyond excited to debut this world premiere as our first international collaboration. This new work is accompanied by an original score by Gemma Meulendijks and sound design by Niels Durrsma.


Choreography by Jeremy Zapanta*

Music by Ian Chang

Choreography by Jeremy Zapanta in collaboration with dancers, Sideswiped offers a personal and explorational response to the times. The artists shaped the ballet mimicking the all-too-real-call to shape the future of dance and performance art in light of the current national and global climate.

* - Guest Choreographer

THANK YOU to our sponsors, donors, and TRBP family for bringing this production to life! To everyone who supported our Frontline Performance Campaign, we are beyond thrilled to share this production not only with you but with essential workers and businesses across the country!

*Safety is a top priority of ours, and our team is hard at work making sure we adhere to all CDC guidelines and precautionary measures ensuring the well being and security of our patrons, staff, and artists during rehearsal and performance processes.


Film Series: IN FOCUS

IN FOCUS Film Series is a series of curated original dance films by San Diego cinematographers to be debuted exclusively in The Virtual Box! These will not be re-broadcasts of performances, captured by a few static cameras in a theater, they will be ballet art film productions, all innovatively and cinematically filmed.

Bringing back the works you love in fresh new perspectives! Four ballets handpicked to re-introduce the audience to the TRBP homegrown dancemakers who are evolving the art form. These are joined by two new-to-TRBP works by local San Diego choreographic superstar, Kevin Jenkins.

We are teaming up with three San Diego cinematographers; Brandon Lazo, Gina and Kyle Sorensen, and Justin Flores, as well as having our own Carly Topazio join the group. Working closely with choreographers, each cinematographer will curate and present their own unique artistic film for each of our four ballets in our July Series bill. Each film will be debuted in The Virtual Box each Friday for 48 hours, on September 18th, and 25th, and October 2nd, and 9th!

We are excited to expand our collaborative creative process to new mediums and continue to grow our community even during this trying time, there is no stopping art!

September 18 & 25 and October 2, & 9

The Virtual Box

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Gina & Kyle Sorensen



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Israel Palacio






IN FOCUS Film Teasers