Performances 2019

Season II

August 29th - September 1st, 2019

The White Box Live Arts at Liberty Station

2019 New Works


Shape of Things to Come, by Katie Spagnoletti, explores the fine lines separating present, past and future, and how the constant pulse of time is warped and fractured through perspective and bias. Inspired by overarching laws governing the universe, individualized threads are woven into an abstract tapestry showing the energy in beauty, and music in mathematics, all culminating in the shape of intangibility and possibility.


Frontier, by Bethany Green, shifts to a western theme, with a choreographic structure and source of inspiration nodding to literary devices. The many moments in time and snapshots of humanity that build and lead to said ‘Frontier’, will perhaps sweep the audience away on a train rushing ever toward adventure.


On Love and Loss, by guest choreographer Thom Dancy, is a contemplation on connection and relationships. Diving deep within himself in an attempt to provide relief from repressed emotions and finding the beauty and growth that emerges from love and loss.

*Dedicated to Evan


An Introduction to Nothing, by Carly Topazio, explores several variations on a theme inspired by ideas from British philosopher Alan Watts. The ballet traverses through the five basic elements: Void, Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth. Within each elemental study, there are parallel emotional explorations and realities, all begging the question: if ‘nothing’ is the most real state of being, and in the cyclical patterns of life beginning at the end and ending at the beginning, what are we to make of all the somethings that are created in between?

Norupo, by Jessie Leigh Olson, is a Norwegian Rune Poem by the same name which inspired the piece. Exemplifying the strength and passion within each dancer, and the physicality that embodies Viking warriors, Norupo is a heavy-hitting firecracker that throws caution to the wind.

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